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Do you have feedback?

Your feedback is important to us.We want to know where we need to improve, but it's also great to hear what you like about your library service.
Types of feedback:
  • Comment: A remark, positive or negative, which reflects on the services provided by the Library but which is not a formal complaint.
  • Complaint: A statement of dissatisfaction with services provided by the Library conveyed through formal channels.
  • Compliment: An expression of praise or congratulations relating to library services.

What feedback do you have for us today?

We really want to hear your comments and suggestions. All comments received will be considered and, where feasible, will directly contribute to the improvement of our service to you.  

If you wish to make a complaint please leave your contact details as we cannot investigate anonymous complaints.

If you would like a response from us, please leave your contact details below: