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Our Commitment to You

The library aims to provide resources, services and expertise which will support all of our customers in pursuit of their learning, research and teaching.  To this end we have prepared a number of documents which demonstrate our commitment to delivering high quality and excellent services to our customers.

Customer Charter

The Customer Charter is a brief document which details our responsibility to our customers and what you can expect from us and our services.  It also establishes what we ask from our customers in return to help us to achieve these aims.

PDF: Customer Charter

Missions and Values Statement

Our goal is to provide high quality library services and resources in support of the education and research activities of the students and staff of the University and of our other customer groups.  The Mission Vision and Values Statement documents this goal and lists the values with which we hope to achieve it.

PDF:  Mission Vision and Values Statement

Reaching the Wider Community

As a key University resource, the Library Outreach Programme seeks to engage the wider community through a variety of different membership possibilities and other activities.  These engagements are detailed in the Reaching the Wider Community document.

PDF:  Reaching the Wider Community

Standards of Service

The Standards of Service document details our commitment to ensuring a consistent and excellent delivery of service across the Library.

PDF: Standards of Service