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Employees of the Health and Social Care Services (HSC) and Public Safety (PS) authorities are entitled to become registered members of the Medical and HSC Library.

HSC & PS staff should complete the above Registration Form and either come in person to one of the Medical & HSC Libraries or post the form to the address provided on the form.  Forms MUST be accompanied by proof of employment within Health & Social Care Services, e.g. copy of work ID or letter of appointment.

All services are available to members unable to visit the library in person. Registered members may also borrow from other Queen's University branch libraries.

Students on placement within the Health and Social Care Service in Northern Ireland should contact their nearest Medical or HSC Library to see if they are eligible for HSC Student Membership.

Associate Membership offers a limited service to those not otherwise eligible, on payment of an annual subscription.

Registration Renewal

Registered members may renew their registration using the Online Renewal Form. Members will be notified one month before their membership is about to expire.

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