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Anyone registered to use the Library can borrow from its book and pamphlet collections. Journals and reference material, however, are for consultation only.

To borrow from the Library, it is essential that you have your library card with you. All items borrowed must be returned or renewed by the due date. This can be checked by using My Account or by asking library staff at the Issue Desks.

My Account

My Account allows you to view and manage your library transactions online. Use it to check the due dates of your loans, renew them, view active document requests and charges. Check it regularly to avoid unnecessary fines.

Loans & Renewals

Loans: HSC members may borrow 15 books for up to 4 weeks. HSC students may borrow 6 books for up to 4 weeks. Please note that heavily used items are restricted to 1 week.

Renewals: Books due for return may be renewed up to 5 times if not requested by another user, in which case they must then be returned to the Library. Material can be renewed by using My Account or by contacting library staff at the Issue Desks.


Books should be returned by the due date to the Issue Desk of the Library from which they were borrowed. If you are returning an item by post, please remember that you are responsible for its safe return. See individual Library Guides for our out of hours return facilities.


Making Requests: Books which are on loan may be requested online or by contacting library staff at the Issue Desks.

Requested items: Please note that all loans are subject to recall if requested by another borrower. You will be notified if one of your loans has been recalled. The due date of recalled books will automatically change to the date specified on the notification. The normal fines procedure will take effect after this date.

Overdues & Recalls

HSC users receive notifications alerting them about overdue material and recalling material which is requested by another borrower. These notices are emailed or posted to work addresses if no email address has been supplied. Overdue items incur fines (see below).

Courtesy notices are also available to those borrowers who have supplied valid email addresses. These remind you that material you have borrowed is due shortly. HSC staff who are also QUB students must check their QUB email account regularly. 


All overdue loans are subject to fines. You may not be able to borrow if you have any outstanding charges. The following rates apply:
4 week loan 10p per item per day
1 week loan 50p per item per day
Overdue recalled items 20p per item per day (4 week loan items only)

In order to avoid unnecessary fines and to ensure that reserved books are returned promptly, it is important that all users check My Account regularly.

Lost Items

Please contact the Library as soon as possible if you have lost an item. We will then raise a lost book invoice for you. Failure to notify the Library will result in the loss of your borrowing rights.

In the case of Inter-Library Loan (ILL) items, the British Library charges a minimum of £166.20 per item for the replacement of items which are long overdue, damaged or lost. This cost is charged to the borrower responsible and includes a non-refundable administrative charge of £83.10 plus VAT per item even if the item is subsequently returned. ILL items in demand which are not returned promptly will also incur the above charge.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact any of the libraries.